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    Photonic Insights is a deep technology service provider for innovative Photonic sensing combined with  AI applications

    We offer collaboration formats minimizing the risks of complex research and development

     Applied research & development  

    Evaluation / due diligence.

    Joint Venture Building


  • Team

    Hardware, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence. Powered by Polymaths

    I drive low cost spectrography

    Mike Richardson

    Founder and Managing Director

    Designing novel IoT devices for materials analysis utilizing Photonic technology as part of Fraunhofer IZM's Start-A-Factory program.

    Strategic guidance to C level decision makers.
    Active in mentoring startups via Hackathons..
    Designing and delivering novel, effective technical solutions including, 2 generations of wireless internet cameras, full software test/development infrastructures, HAZMAT mobile command center for Port of Seattle first responders, world's first parking garage car counting solution utilizing video analytics, Raman spectrographic analysis of biomaterials and more.

    Andre Sprenger

    Founder and CTO

    Andre is the Co-founder of Photonic Insights.


    Andre is a world class expert on AI and ML


    My core tech knowledge is machine learning, data engineering and realtime processing.

    Most of the time I work with Scala, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Spark, Flink, Kafka and Cassandra

    . I have several years experience in programmatic advertising, realtime bidding, FX trading and e-commerce

    . Andre is the architect of all systems at Photonic Insights

    Daniel Heltzel


    Daniel is the Managing Director of FabLab berlin where he has supported multipole startups on the path to success.

    In addition he is a public policy expert, driving multiple initiative to support global startups working with deep technology. An example is his voting membership in INAM (Innovation Network for Advanced Materials).

    As an advisor to Photonic Insights Daniel provides guidance for:




    Business Process

    Dr. Stefan M. Weber


    Independent support for SMEs and deep tech startups in their establishment, network building, R&D, market launch, up to scaling, internationalization, and industrialization.


    Dr Weber is a world recognized leader in Photonics, Blockchain and Start Ups

  • Competence network for Photonic Technologies in Berlin Brandenburg
    Pilot line for chemical sensor fabrication
    Bring your Idea to a full-scale, industrial level production within weeks!
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