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An IoT platform for fast interpretation of remote sensors

We are offering software & hardware to fully exploit the analytical potential of embedded IoT devices

Parallel Lines

We combine competencies in three areas, through which the entire process from an IoT application idea to optimal implementation can be achieved.

Sensor Selection

We provide you with a broad range of state-of-the-art sensor technologies. We use standard components but can also create custom parts to develop customer-specific solutions. From ideation to mass-production we can support you in all stages of product development.

Machine Learning

We put machine learning into real products.  Our embedded ML runs on very small memory footprint.  Depending on the use case we can fine-tune models to fit the context of individual devices.


We have developed a state of the art IoT platform to support various industrial applications in the agriculture and industrial sector. Our applications are usually connected using Wifi, NB-IoT/LTE-M or Bluetooth.

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Parallel Lines

In order to tailor our solutions to emerging sensor technologies, we also rely on collaborations with partners from cutting-edge research. We therefore engage in research and development projects if they offer access to such leap innovations.

The electronic olfactory sensor AgriNose, in combination with remote sensing-optical methods, is intended to support monitoring in plant cultivation in the future in such a way that earlier detection of several plant diseases simultaneously, which in most cases occur in mixed infections, becomes possible. The early detection of plant diseases is part of innovative cultivation techniques that support integrated and ecological production methods. Early detection of infection can significantly reduce the use of plant protection products. The potential advantages of this approach are to be tested here on typical plant diseases in rye. ATBs research work in the AgriNose project includes in particularly the determination of the optimisation potential for the early detection of plant diseases in winter rye using sensor technology and the characterisation of the VOC (volatile organic compounds) profiles of diseased and non-diseased stands. Based on this, the ATB is developing the integration of the AgriNose electronic nose into a monitoring concept for the detection of plant diseases in stands of winter rye.

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