• Photonic Insights


    Photonic Insights is a deep technology service provider for innovative photonics and AI applications, offering applied research & development as well as evaluation / due diligence.

  • Feasibility Photonic Insights Tea Analyzer

    Feasibility study to demonstrate rapid analysis and classification of tea. We include a non tea infusion as contrast and demonstrate the ability to determine caffeine content, tea type green, black or infusion and the variety from gunpowder, Assam, Madras, peppermint, Darjeeling to genmai-cha. This feasibility paves the way for the goal, identify pollutants in storm water. How does identifying tea help us progress to identifying pollutants in stormwater? Because it adds to our datamodel and validates the rapid creation of chemometric models.

  • Feasibility Study Fecal Scanner

    Feasibility study demonstration, analyze and report on the components of human feces in situ.

  • SMT Production Services

    Photonic Insights is you partner for SMT manufacturing in Berlin. We have access to the best in production facilities and expertise.

    You focus on your product, we build it to scale.

    Shenzhen Speed with German Quality

  • Team

    Hardware, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence. Powered by Polymaths

    I drive low cost spectrography

    Mike Richardson

    Founder and Managing Director

    He founded Photonic Insights UG designing novel IoT devices for materials utilizing integrated Photonic technology in partnership with Fraunhofer IZM's Start-A-Factory program.

    Project and Acquisition Due Diligence
    Data Governance
    IoT project review and stewardship.
    Optimization of IoT based Mobility, Hospitality, Vending, Parking and Video solutions.
    Strategic guidance to C level decision makers.
    Active in mentoring startups via Hackathons, Mike provides energy and guidance driving multiple teams to winning their events from Digital Health, Alternative Energy, Space Sciences and more.
    Continually designing and delivering novel, effective technical solutions including, 2 generations of wireless internet cameras, full software test/development infrastructures, HAZMAT mobile command center for Port of Seattle first responders, world's first parking garage car counting solution utilizing video analytics, Raman spectrographic analysis of biomaterials and more.
    In addition, he is an accomplished public speaker presenting at healthcare, IoT and artificial intelligence events including the Hacking Health event at Charité Hospital Berlin, Meetup AI in Hamburg and Bits and Beer at Geeny. 
    His production management experience spans the Unites States, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Russia where he successfully delivered regulated products for global markets.

    Achyut Bora


    Co-inventor in two patents on non-volatile memory (applied)
    Experience of carrying out academia-industry collaborative research project
    Technical proficiency on semiconductor technology, nano-electronics and organic electronics

    Interconnect reliability studies
    Electrical transport studies in metal and semiconductor nanowire
    Molecular Electronic, organic-inorganic hybrid structure:- sensor, non-volatile memory (NVM), memristor, synaptic devices

    Material synthesis
    Standard CMOS processes: impurity doping, dry/wet etching, optical/e-beam lithography, PVD processes
    Electrochemical synthesis of metal nanowire
    Organic passivation of metal, semiconductor and oxide dielectric surfaces
    Directed self-assembly of inorganic nano- and micro- structures using DNA functionalization

    Material characterization:
    SEM, TEM, STM, AFM, ellipsometry, contact angle, Kelvin probe, IR-, XPS spectroscopy
    C-V, I-V, Electromigration, magneto-resistance, conductance fluctuation (1/f noise) measurements in 1D and 2D systems, low temperature electrical characterization
    Electrical testing equipment: semiconductor parameter analyzer, lock-in amplifier, oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, logic analyzers, impedance spectrometer

    Daniel Heltzel


    Daniel is the Managing Director of FabLab berlin where he has supported multipole startups on the path to success.

    In addition he is a public policy expert, driving multiple initiative to support global startups working with deep technology. An example is his voting membership in INAM (Innovation Network for Advanced Materials).

    As an advisor to Photonic Insights Daniel provides guidance for:




    Business Process

  • Pilot line for chemical sensor fabrication
    Competence network for Photonic Technologies in Berlin Brandenburg
    workgroup 3 life science and health
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